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Ph as Photography, one on my passions. Ph as F, my initial. DI as my last name abbreviations. D as Design, my world. A world of  beauty.

My aim is to spread the Beauty with the works that I made and let the people discover it.

In photography you can catch the beauty perfection of a landscape and in a picture you can see the unique strong bond formed trought the photographer and the nature, the architecture, the detail.

In architecture, as in life, you always search the true beauty, you try to create the perfect ambient for that particular person, because that person is unique.

In graphic design, in the wedding field, the stationery is tailored around the bride and the groom to be, it has to reflect them and to show to the others the beauty of their unique relantionship.


Federica Di Iorio 
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Federica Di Iorio

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